With 70,000 associates on assignment every day, Adecco has an unmatched opportunity and responsibility to lead in the area of diversity and inclusion. We are committed to supporting initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion in all areas of our business and we have developed innovative diversity and inclusion practices in our workplace, our services and our solutions and employ them in our business interactions with our clients.

For example, in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility, we encourage our colleagues to participate in volunteer opportunities to give back to local communities. We also foster partnerships with community groups to give back to our communities while at the same time increasing our ability to attract talented, motivated and skilled employees from diverse backgrounds. Lastly, through our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, we ensure that our colleagues, associates and our clients understand that diversity is a business priority at Adecco.

It is by making use of all the best available talent and resources that we add value to Adecco’s service offerings and secure an advantage over our competitors to further validate our claim as an industry leader. We seek the best and the brightest workforce for ourselves and our clients. It is with pride that Adecco aspires to recruit, retain and develop a diverse and inclusive workforce that meets the needs of an increasingly global marketplace.

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