Job hunting in the digital age 

Top 10 things to remember about job hunting in the digital age

  1. If it is on the web, it’s public. Employers today are scouring the web to find information about candidates prior to calling them in for an interview.  Be sure that the image you project (and the content you post) is professional.
  2. Build relationships with the staff of the companies that interest you. Read blogs, articles and social media profiles of employees to learn more about who they are and what they do for the company.
  3. Use a separate email address for job hunting. Create an email account with your full name rather than a nickname or one that includes your interests.
  4. Tailor your resume to speak your prospective profession’s language. Make sure important words and phrases that could be picked up in an electronic screening process are not missing from your resume. Review the job description or key industry terms and include them throughout your resume.
  5. Research, research, research. You want to make sure that you are well-versed in the company and information today is at your fingertips. 
  6. Think like a recruiter. Conduct a quick search on yourself and see if the information gleaned would be seen in a positive or negative light. Did you find anything that would prohibit you from landing the job?
  7. Keep your information current. Be sure to update any information about your experience that is attractive to potential employers. 
  8. Check your profile regularly – especially what other people post. From comments on photos to videos posted by friends – make sure that your profile is clean and appropriate. 
  9. It is easier to create positive content than it is to get rid of negative content. Social media sites are easily accessible. Don’t set yourself up for a negative situation that can become public with the push of a button.
  10. Network, network, network! With the digital age came the ability to reach anyone, any place, at any time. Connect with everyone you meet and keep those relationships going – your network can be your greatest asset. 

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