Resume writing tips 

Your resume is more than a summation of your professional experience – it is the tool by which you market yourself to potential employers.

While there isn't a magic formula to follow to create the perfect resume, there are specific strategies you can utilize to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.

  • Presentation is vital. Make sure that your resume looks professional and is easy to read. 
  • Proofread! Frequently check your resume for grammar and spelling mistakes and ask a friend to do the same. The more eyes, the better!
  • Emphasize your potential. By highlighting your relevant skills, your resume will be sure to grab the prospective employer's attention.
  • Update your contact information. Be sure to keep your contact information current so that potential employers do not have any trouble contacting you.
  • Be honest. Potential employers are on the lookout for exaggerated skills or results. Grossly overstating your accomplishments can send up a red flag that may come back to haunt you during an interview – or eliminate your chances of securing an interview in the first place. So, be honest; even if your embellishments make it past a recruiter or potential employer, you're setting yourself up for failure by misrepresenting yourself and your abilities.*
  • Quantify your results. Wherever possible, include dollar amounts. If you managed a sizeable budget or inked a big deal, be sure to mention this – employers want to see what you've done and numbers are a great way to show them.*
  • Know the numbers. Likewise, if the amount of people you managed or programs you've developed was significant, focus on that information. Showing that you've made good use of your time at another job helps employers visualize what you can do for them.*
  • Don't bury the "lead." With hundreds of resumes to go through, hiring managers spend a limited amount of time skimming each one. You need to get your message across right away and convince them your skills and experience are what they're seeking. Make sure that key information is either listed first or presented in a manner that makes it stand out.*
  • Mention "off-the-job" experience. Be sure to highlight any skills, education, community/volunteer work and additional schooling that pertains to your particular job area or that a potential employer might view as an asset. Include any notable professional awards, recognitions or accomplishments you have earned.*
  • Professionalism is key. Including photographs, hobbies unrelated to the job, or personal information is unnecessary.*

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