As contact centers evolve, so do retention methods

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A businesses’ success or failure hinges on the relationships it builds and maintains with its customers. As a result, contact centers and call centers – often the primary points of customer interaction – are being valued by CEOs and business leaders like never before. Contact centers have evolved from a place that handles phone calls to strategic, centralized communication hubs with diversified customer service channels. For example, according to a recent Forrester report, over the last three years web self-service activities have risen 12 percent, online chat use has increased 24 percent, and community usage has grown 25 percent.

How poor contact center retention hurts the bottom line

As contact centers grow and evolve, the need to hunt for and retain talented customer service representatives (CSRs) is growing as well. Unfortunately, due to high stress, low pay and many other factors, turnover in contact centers remains extremely high – close to 40 percent, on average.  
High turnover rates really hurt company budgets. The cost to replace a single CSR can cost $10,000-$15,000 — and that’s a conservative estimate.

Minimizing turnover for your company

It’s not hard to hold onto your best talent and your hard-earned money, and our white paper can show you how. We discuss several proven strategies you can use to increase retention rates in your contact center and save money while doing so. We also explore skill assessments, recognition, cross training and other cost-efficient methods that can keep your CSRs educated, engaged and enthusiastic.
By implementing the strategies discussed in our white paper, you’ll find yourself saving $2,000-$3,000 per month by keeping the talented staff you have, which certainly adds up! With retention making such a big difference in the success of your call center or contact center and on your bottom line, it’s worth it to learn more. Start here  – download our free white paper today.

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