Corporate donations and corporate giving benefit business


There are three major benefits to corporate donations: it helps others, it helps build better communities and most surprising, it helps a business’s bottom-line.  Companies that give back can leverage their corporate giving to engage their employees, reduce turnover, engage with customers, and create new business opportunity.  Statistics based off on employee feedback reflect this trend.  For example, 61% of all candidates take a company’s charity initiatives into consideration when evaluating a company and 83% of all employees prefer companies that focus on corporate giving. To learn more about the benefits of corporate donations view our infographic »

As the economy improves and the need for specialized skills increases, retention of key employees is becoming essential for businesses.  Community charity events have become an outlet to accomplish this goal.  These efforts can be very powerful and lead 41% of employees to express that they’d be will to earn less if their job provided them an opportunity to make a difference.  A chance to raise corporate donations or volunteer may also expand on an employee’s soft skills, positively affecting interpersonal communication.

Perhaps most inspiring, corporate giving can have a tremendously positive impact on the community.  The top four causes corporations focus on as recipients of their corporate donations are social services, environmental causes, community development and the promotion of entrepreneurship.  And a few organizations have had an enormous impact of specific charities.  Recently, a corporation donated 421 million pounds of food; in contrast there was a total of 131 million dollars donated by corporations during the Katrina disaster.  Learn more by continuing to read our infographic:

Corporate Donations and Corporate Giving Benefit Business

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