2014 Job Market Perspectives

Uncover the job outlook for 2014.


2013 proved to be a pivotal year on the road to recovery for the U.S. job market and the U.S. economy. More than 1.4 million jobs were created, and the unemployment rate fell to its lowest level since the start of the recession. In order to continue to progress – in the economy and in your business – it’s important to know what still lies ahead.

With our 2014 Job Market Perspectives report, you can get a clear view of what’s in store for the economy, your industry and job outlooks in 2014.

Put together your 2014 employment strategy now.

With the recession behind us, now is the time to shift into growth mode. But in order to grow your business, you are probably going to need to grow your workforce, too. However, you are not alone, so you need to target your high-priority positions before qualified talent becomes unavailable.

Our report breaks down the hottest jobs across all major economic sectors, including construction, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, business and professional services, financial activities, engineering and architectural services and more. You’ll know which positions have the best job outlook for 2014 and the type of talent you’ll be competing for in the job market.

What are fellow business leaders saying?

In addition to our own expert insight and analysis on the job market and the economy, the 2014 Job Market Perspectives report features the results of our senior executive survey. We polled 500 leaders (with titles of vice president and above) across a variety of industries to get their opinion, projection and feedback on the issues facing their businesses today. Find out what they had to say about the skills gap, business challenges and the future of the job market.