Understanding and optimizing a multigenerational workforce.

Overcoming the challenges of managing four generations in the workplace


Today's workforce is the product of a half century of dramatic change and growth – not only in technology, but in the philosophies that managers and employees alike bring to employment. And as Traditionalists and Baby Boomers continue transitioning into retirement, generational workplace dynamics will continue to present their unique challenges to managers. Identifying these challenges – and taking them on – is what our white paper is all about.

Four generations, four workplace philosophies

Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X'ers, and Millenials each bring their own sense of workplace values to their employment, and each thrives in a different setting. From the loyal, self-driven, methodical, and altruistic approach of the Traditionalist to the independent, ambitious, flexible, and highly communicative Millenials, managers are working with a plethora of attutides, each presenting their own challenges and opportunities.

Working with generational diversity in the workplace

The key to bringing harmony into such a rich and complex scenario can leave a manager feeling like they're herding cats; the team can feel like it's all over the place.  However, with a mindful approach to the way each generation operates, the prospect of building a set of values, establishing clear expectations, and creating a set of principles where the skills and unique approaches of each generation are maximized is within your grasp.

Creating a rewarding workplace for everyone

Winning across all four generations boils down to knowing what kinds of rewards and recognition will be valued by each generation, understanding the leadership style that each generation expects (and respects), and building the rapport with each employee that you'll need in order to keep your team happy and productive.  What could make a Baby Boomer feel comfortable and confident in your leadership may be ineffectrive – or even perhaps even alarming – to a Generation X'er. The personalized approach you take will define how your team comes together.

Learning how to master a challenging and robust team

As is the case with any team, a harmony of perspectives, a diverse skill set, innovation, and experience are critical ingredients for a robust and healthy engine of business. As the leader of your team, the onus of making it a reality is on our shoulders. That's where the research, insights, and collective experience of a global staffing agency of our white paper – “Understanding and Optimizing A Multigenerational Workforce” comes into play. Take advantage of this resource by downloading your free copy today!