The new era of talent supply chain management


A primer on mitigating strategic risks — and exploiting game-changing opportunities — by managing your enterprise‘s extended talent network.

There‘s no doubt that talent management is at the top of the HR agenda. The reason is simple: it’s also at the top of the CEO and executive‘s list of concerns.

  • Talent on Demand:  McKinsey & Co. interviewed CEOs and other business leaders around the world and found half worrying that their talent management practices were not aligned with business outcomes; more than half felt
    that there was insufficient commitment to developing talent among line managers and insufficient time spent on talent management in general.
  • A 2007 survey by SEI‘s Center for Corporate Futures found that concern about “difficulties in finding, retaining, and growing talent” ranked top in importance for international business respondents out of a list of business challenges, outpacing factors like the growing influence of China and India on business.

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