Watch the gaps: U.S. executives see skills gaps in the American workforce


As the unemployment rate continues to slowly decrease, there is still a nagging issue at hand that many employers are still faced with: the skills gap. More and more organizations are reporting that they're experiencing a shortage of talented candidates. We took a closer look and we found that while there is indeed a skills gap problem, it's not necessarily in the areas you'd think. For instance, hiring managers are interviewing job applicants that are qualified "on paper" but, when we surveyed over 500 senior executives across the U.S., we discovered that what these candidates are missing is soft skills; traits such as creativity, collaboration, and communication. 

Check out our infographic below for a snapshot of the key areas of the skills gap and what we can do to remedy it.

Watch the Gaps: U.S. Executives See Skills Gaps in the American Workforce

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