Meet our featured associates! 

Every day, thousands of talented administrative professional associates help businesses across the country stay organized and productive. We appreciate everything they do, and would like to introduce you to some of our awesome admins in honor of Administrative Professionals Week.

Stephanie Gaxiola, Torrance, CA, Administrative Clerk

As an administrative clerk, Stephanie is routinely recognized by her supervisors for her strong analytical skills and creativity, as well as her proficiency with a variety of software applications.

Recently, Stephanie has played an instrumental role in her company’s internal improvement program. She proactively presents new ideas, contributes to conversations and applies best practices in her work every day.

Stephanie exemplifies the Adecco core values of customer focus and responsibility and is a truly awesome administrative professional.

Shontae Bryant, Legal Secretary, Torance, CA

Shontae provides administrative support to a large automotive company. Despite the fast-paced and high-pressure nature of her position, Shontae has proven to be an invaluable member of the administrative team for more than two years.

Shontae's manager and peers appreciate her friendly attitude, professional demeanor and willingness to take on new challenges and opportunities. She always goes above and beyond, volunteering her time and her ideas, in order to contribute to the success of her team.

Shontae embodies all of Adecco's core values – team spirit, customer focus, responsibility and entrepreneurship – making her a great administrative professional and one of our featured administrative associates this week.

Deborah Costelloe, Administrative Assistant II, Virginia Beach, VA

Deborah is an administrative assistant with proven experience in the mortgage industry. She uses her experience to support a large banking, finance and mortgage company, where she has been a valuable asset since June 2012. Over that time, she has made a positive impact on business results and on the people she works with.

Deborah travels to three different offices throughout the week and assists seven different mortgage loan officers. She serves as a true business partner to the loan officers, taking full responsibility for gathering loan information, following up on appraisals and facilitating closing dates. By keeping the loan process moving at all times, Deborah allows the mortgage loan officers to focus on generating new business.

Deborah's manager credits her with improving the team's efficiency, eliminating errors and increasing profitability. She has been so successful that other administrative assistants have been asked to model their approach after Deborah.

Deborah truly exemplifies the Adecco core values of customer focus, responsibility and team spirit through her work as an administrative professional.

Jason Brown, General Office/Reception, Glendale, CA

Jason is an exceptional admin who is willing to take on any project, any time, no matter how complex. He has gone above and beyond his job title, and has assisted with graphics, spreadsheets, advertisements and collections. He is also great with customers who visit the office and is adept at coordinating projects.

Here’s what our client had to say about Jason:

“Every week we have discovered more about Jason's talents, experience and competence. Nothing seems to trip him up, and we have quickly learned to trust his judgment.”

“Jason is punctual, efficient and honest, and completes tasks with ease. He gives us honest opinions and is really the team player that we have been waiting for.”

Jason was such an impressive administrative professional that he was recently hired in a full-time position directly with the company.

Jodi Van Winkle, Administrative Assistant, Roseville, CA

Jodi has been supporting a small business for two years. She works directly with the business’ owner – the only other person in the office. Working in a small business environment, Jodi wears countless hats every day, and she does whatever it takes to keep the business running smoothly.

With Jodi by her side handling the details, the business’ owner is free to focus on growing the company.

Jodi epitomizes several Adecco core values – team spirit, responsibility and customer focus – and we are thrilled to have her on the Adecco team, and as one of our featured admins during Administrative professionals Week!

Jennifer Bradley
Clerical Temp
Oklahoma City, OK

When one of the biggest, most successful companies in the world needed a temporary associate to fill-in for a receptionist who was on a two-week vacation, we connected them with Jennifer. Six months later, Jennifer is still there, impressing everyone she meets and becoming an integral part of the team.

On the very first day of her initial assignment, Jennifer offered to take on new responsibilities and extra work. Jennifer’s boss recognized this incredible drive and, eventually, so did others in the company. She has contributed not only in the reception area, but also to the human resources department, the accounting department and in the executive suites.

The praise our client has for Jennifer speaks for itself:

“Jennifer has the best attitude and brought an element of fun in to our crazy busy [company] world… She has a contagious smile, a very warm heart and, above all, she does tasks/projects well, sometimes without much guidance, and she conquers many situations independently.”

“…It has now almost been six months since Jennifer joined our team 'for a few weeks' and a team is definitely what she makes it. She has been absolutely wonderful and we have all found a hard worker, good associate and an easy going friend in her.”