Mature Workers Program 

Perhaps retirement savings just aren't adding up, or they miss the challenges of the workplace and desire more social contact. Whatever the reason, we’re seeing many mature workers and retirees return to the workforce.

That’s why we established our Mature Workers Program. This program helps mature workers take advantage of the benefits of temporary work in order to supplement their income, mentor younger employees, or simply stay active in their retirement years. 

The Mature Workers Program also offers:

  • Complimentary career coaching, resume writing tips and interview preparation
  • Free skills training on programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint in our career centers
  • A comprehensive benefits package
  • Flexible work arrangements

Are you a mature worker looking to find a great position? Then browse our current job opportunities. 

At the same time, our program benefits companies that want to tap into the invaluable experience and strong work ethic of these seasoned employees. The benefits of hiring older workers extend beyond these traits, however, and include:

  • It can lower absenteeism and turnover
  • Older workers are consistently loyal, reliable and productive
  • Mature workers make great mentors to younger employees
  • They've likely encountered a wide array of situations, and they can recommend solutions

Are you interested in putting talented mature workers on your team? Then contact your local Adecco office. 

Adecco’s commitment to helping mature workers find meaningful work has been recognized by the AARP. In fact, Adecco has received the AARP Best Employers for Wokers Over 50 distinction four times since 2002. This prestigious award is presented to employers that value the tangible skills, talents, and institutional knowledge older workers bring to workplace.

We know that experienced workers contribute greatly to the health, growth and future of our economy, so it is imperative that we retain and recruit them. To enhance our efforts, Adecco recently signed the Work Reimagined pledge, a new and innovative partnership with the AARP. For more information visit