Athelete Career and Education Program

Athlete Career and Education Program

Adecco is a proud sponsor of the Paralympics

For thousands of American athletes, competing in the Olympic and Paralympic Games represents the ultimate goal. However, only a small handful will make it, and fewer still will make it big in the form of endorsement deals, sponsorships and professional contracts. For the rest of our nation’s elite athletes, the pursuit of an Olympic dream must contend with the realities of low paying jobs, endless hours of training and constant stress.

As a proud sponsor of the United States Olympic Committee, Adecco is making it a little easier for U.S. Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls to realize their Olympic dreams. Working in conjunction with the USOC, the USOC Athlete Career & Education program was developed.

What is the USOC Athlete Career and Education Program?

  • The Athlete Career and Education Program helps aspiring U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes find flexible job opportunities that afford them the time and financial resources necessary to train and prepare for competition.
  • Through the program, participating athletes gain valuable, hands-on career experience that they can use to prepare for careers outside of the sports world.
  • In addition to job placement assistance, the Athlete Career and Education Program also offers resume development, interview preparation, professional seminars, job market research and career coaching.

The Athlete Career and Education Program has helped hundreds of athletes win big in the workforce while preparing to take home the gold. Check out our case study to see how the Athlete Career and Education Program created a win-win for Emma Preuschl, a former member of the Team USA Paralympic Rowing Team, and GE.

How can you be a part of the team?

You can be a part of the Athlete Career and Education Program by making an elite athlete a part of your organization. When you hire an elite athlete, you get an asset with elite skills – unwavering focus, intense drive, international experience, team play and a commitment to winning, among others – in your workforce.

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