The organization that develops our nation’s most successful athletes — the U.S. Olympic Committee — has partnered with Adecco Group to help Olympians and Paralympians succeed in a different arena — the workplace.

Advancing the Olympic spirit.
Adecco Group believes in the unifying power of sports. Sport brings people, communities and nations together. It enriches people’s lives and creates economic development opportunities.

Impacting lives.
Our commitment to and support of the Olympic Movement help ensure the continued success of the Olympic Games. Adecco Group supports Olympic teams and individual athletes through its Athlete program, providing career support to Olympians and Paralympians.


Adecco Group North America first established a partnership with the USOC in July 2005. In continuation of our support of the U.S. Olympic family, we launched the Athlete Career Program focused on serving athletes while training and competing as well as when they integrate into the job market and transition from their athletic pursuits.


ACP services include:

  • Tailored athlete summits
  • Career coaching
  • Resume development
  • Job research and placement


Olympians, Paralympians, and hopefuls often have to sacrifice career goals to pursue their quest to represent America on the world's athletic stage. When I went through the Adecco program a year ago, I was at a crossroads between my professional career and my fencing career.  I didn't want to sacrifice either, but life's demands were forcing me to focus on my professional career and contemplate retirement from fencing.  Thanks to the career coaching and assistance I received from Adecco, not only was I able to continue on my career path, but I also ended my fencing career winning a silver medal at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing!" -Keeth Smart, two-time Olympian in fencing.

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