Highly Effective Networking
Meet the Right People and Get a Great Job

A Career Press paperback available on Amazon.com or ask for it at any bookstore

Virtually all job hunting experts agree that networking is the best way to find a great job. But most people don't have large networks or connections to the decision makers who do the hiring, so they need another way of networking.

Fortunately, job search networking is different from how networking is often taught. You don't have to hobnob with the rich and famous. There's no need for aggressive sales tactics. You just need to understand how real networking fits into your job search, and then be systematic about doing it. This book shows you how to:

• Use a small network to reach dozens of insiders and decision makers.

• Get the right message to the right people, even if you never met them.

• Speak effectively and comfortably with your networking contacts.

• Talk to decision makers before the job opening is announced.

Cut through the myths and misunderstandings about networking and see how millions of job hunters have successfully networked their way to great new jobs. And how you can too.

















The Unwritten Rules of the Highly Effective Job Search
The Proven Program Used by the World's Leading Career Services Company

A Career Press paperback available on Amazon.com or ask for it at any bookstore

Job hunters sometimes get their job hunting information piecemeal and from questionable sources. Here's your chance to learn a complete job hunting system from a top expert, a career services professional with 30 years of experience, someone who has trained hundreds of career coaches.

Based on observation of the behavior of the most -- and least -- effective job seekers, the job hunting system in this book is the result of 15 years of development and has proven successful with over 600,000 job seekers. It allows you to:

• Define your personal job market and make sure it is realistic.

• Create an overall project plan for your search focused on your personal job market.

• Systematically pursue the right organizations and the right jobs, often before they're posted.

• Measure your progress in search – even before you have interviews - to see how fast you're progressing towards a great new job.

This proven system empowers you to land a job you love, using the methods top career professionals teach their private clients.

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