Advance your career


10 quick tips to “recession proof” your career


1 – Be indispensable.

  •  Avoid being known only as a "in the box"
  •  Identify & solve problems
  •  Be a go-to resource for your organization

2 – Think about the big picture.

  • Don’t just say no
  • Look at more than what’s in your job description
  • Be open minded

3 – Keep to high standards

  • Deliver quality work
  • Always strive for excellence
  • Be as efficient as possible

4 – Be open to new opportunities.

  • Don’t be known as single-faceted
  • Take on stretch assignments
  • Operate outside of your function

5 – Develop and grow your skills.

  • Don’t limit your abilities
  • Compliment your strong skills
  • Pursue ongoing training and education

6 – Stay ahead of the curve.

  • Keep up to speed with what’s happening – internally and externally
  • Anticipate change and be open to it
  • Be aware of industry shifts

7 – Stay in sync with your boss.

  • Help make their job easier
  • Seek out feedback and be nimble
  • Get as much info as you can

8 – Network.

  • Talk to lots of people, internally and externally
  • Keep in touch with old colleagues, bosses
  • Take advantage of associations

9 – Update your job search tools/skills.

  • Revise your resume
  • Join social networking sites
  • Think about transferrable skills

10 – Look to recruiters.

  • Get personalized coaching
  • Find the hard to find opportunities
  • Have someone constantly looking out for your career