Adecco 'Summer Survey' Results deck


Survey Background

Methodology and Background

  • Adecco conducted an Omnibus survey to determine Americans’ thoughts on workplace summer attire and the current economy
  • Telephone survey of 1,000 Americans ages 18+
    • Fielded by Opinion Research Corporation (ORC)
    • Conducted June 22 – June 27, 2011
  • The following differences between various demographics groups were also explored:
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Household Income
    • Geographic Region
    • Employment Status
  • Survey results have a margin of error +/- 3.1% for this sample size

Summary of Key-Findings

Flex Time – America’s Favorite Summer Workplace Perk

  • When asked to choose the three workplace perks Americans most want in the summer, only 42 percent chose wardrobe flexibility, compared to 60 percent who listed flex time, such as Summer Fridays.
  • Men might be workaholics – Nearly three out of five women (59 percent) chose ‘extra vacation days’ as one of the three workplace benefits they’d most want during the summer compared to only 47 percent of men.

Flip-Flops Biggest Offender of Casual Summer Workplace Attire

  • When asked to select which wardrobe selections are inappropriate for the workplace, flip flops came in as the biggest offender with 71 percent of Americans choosing it as inappropriate – more so than mini-skirts (70 percent) or strapless tops or dresses (66 percent).
  • Not everyone agrees on what’s too casual – men and women disagree on the boundaries of what they consider to be appropriate attire.
    • For example, more than three-quarters (76 percent) of women believe strapless tops or dresses are inappropriate for the workplace while just over half of men (55 percent) agree. Similarly, eight out of 10 women believe mini-skirts are inappropriate compared to only 61 percent of men.

Americans Trying to Squeeze in More Health and Fitness into their Work Day

  • One-third (36 percent) of Americans have incorporated exercise into the daily commute throughout the summer through activities like walking, running or biking to the workplace. Similarly, 57 percent have gone for walks on their lunch break and nearly half of all Americans (49 percent) have gone to the gym before or after work during the summer months.
  • A quarter (25 percent) of Americans have participated in at least one workplace-organized summer sports league or activity while one-fifth (21 percent) of them have participated in at least one workplace-sponsored fitness class.

Unemployment, Gas Prices and Lack of Available Jobs Key Economic Issues on Minds of Americans

  • Most Americans say that unemployment (88 percent) and gas prices (88 percent) are issues that concern them when it comes to the U.S economy, with lack of available jobs not far behind (86 percent).
  • Despite the constant drumbeat of news about the U.S. debt ceiling, more Americans are, in fact, concerned with U.S. spending on foreign wars (83 percent) and the cost of food (79 percent) compared to the debt ceiling issue (77 percent).
  • Concern about the U.S. debt ceiling increases with age, however. Eighty-two percent of Americans aged 45+ are concerned about the issue compared to only 69 percent of those aged 18-44.

Americans’ Confidence in the U.S. Economy Remains Unchanged or Less Confident than 2010 Levels

  • Forty percent of Americans are LESS confident in the economy than they were a year ago at this time while 41 percent say their confidence is unchanged.
  • Older Americans are more likely to have LOST confidence in the U.S. economy over the past year while younger Americans seem more optimistic. Fifty-six percent of Americans aged 65+ are less confident in the economy than they were a year ago, while on 25 percent of 18-34 year olds feel the same.
  • Where you live may affect your confidence in the economy – half (49 percent) of non-urban residents are LESS confident in the economy than they were a year ago compared to only 37 percent of their urban counterparts.

Main Findings: Summer Attire in the Workplace


Main Findings: Summer Perks in the Workplace

Main Findings: Health & Wellness in the Workplace During the Summer

Main Findings: Americans' Confidence in the Economy

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