Adecco and US Army Reserve Unite to foster careers of reservists.


Denver, Colorado (March 20, 2009) - Today Adecco Group North America, the world's largest recruitment and workforce solutions provider, announced a powerful new alliance with the US Army Reserve. In a ceremony presided over by Army Major General Mari K. Eder, the US Army officially recognized Adecco USA as a member of the Army Reserve Employer Partnership – a new initiative to recruit, train and put skilled Reservists to work while on inactive duty with the Army.

Recognizing that employers play a crucial role in supporting Reserve service men, women and their families, the Army first introduced the initiative in 2008. Adecco and the Army will collaborate to foster both the civilian and military careers of the participating soldiers through flexible work scheduling as well as shared recruiting and training methods. Adecco is the largest employer to partner with the Army in this initiative and expects to open new professional opportunities for highly-skilled soldiers in the US through its' network of over 1,200 offices.

Rachelle Chapman, Director of Military Initiatives at Adecco Group North America notes “this marks another barrier being broken for soldiers who wish to contribute to society as service men and women as well as civilians. As a military spouse, I know the added challenges a military position can pose on a civilian career. As current news has indicated, there is great demand for well-trained, experienced leaders in the professional world outside the military. We look forward to introducing the Reserve's great pool of talent to our network of clients. This partnership allows Adecco and the Army to strengthen the careers of Reserve Soldiers and their families as they continue to strengthen our country.”

In addition to this partnership, Adecco has several programs focused on helping the military and their families find career opportunities. Adecco's Career Connections Program finds hundreds of military spouses job opportunities each year and the company's Military Veterans Program also helps veterans find meaningful work across the country.

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