Adopting zone coverage as a workforce strategy


Zone coverage is an extremely effective defensive strategy for a football team to adopt. The one catch, of course, is that players must be able to execute flawlessly for the scheme to work properly. The same is true regarding your workforce.

On your team, every player is essential. When any one of them is missing, there is noticeable void which your remaining employees will struggle to fill while trying to keep up with their own work. Unfortunately in a down economy, the scenario is all too common and many employees are working overtime to produce the work of two or more people.  If that sounds like your team, you can bet that a burn-out is impending.

Here are five surefire methods to improve team spirit!

  1. Offer incentives, such as an extra vacation day if they complete a task early.
  2. Get away from it all.  Host a team meeting somewhere other than the usual spot. A meeting at a local park instead of a boardroom, for instance, can be a much-needed breath of fresh air.
  3. Adopt flexible schedules.  Allow your employees to shift their hours earlier, or later in the day, or to leave an hour early one day a week.
  4. Give their coffee a jolt.  Upgrading the coffee machine or other break room amenities can be a small change with big results.  Think about it:  does stale coffee get you up and running?
  5. State your mind.  Don’t assume that your employees know you appreciate their efforts; let them know that their hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed. Provide the feedback they crave, whether in the form of company-wide recognition or a personal thank you.  Much research has proven that recognition alone is a key attribute for employee satisfaction.


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