Are American workers going “green?”


1/3 of American workers more inclined to work for a “green” company.

In recognition of Earth Day, Adecco commissioned a survey to find out if American workers are bringing their environmental consciousness to work. The latest Workplace Insights Survey found that only 1/3 (33 percent) would be more inclined to work for a “green” company, despite all the recent attention on environmental issues.

Key findings from the survey:

  • A slight majority want their company to do more. About half of employed adults (52 percent) think their company should do more to be environmentally friendly. Only about 1 in 5 employed adults (22 percent) say their company already does enough or too much, while about one in four (26 percent) are just not sure.
  • He said, she said. Employed men are more likely than their female counterparts to say they know their company's environmental policy (35 percent men vs. 28 percent women).
  • What's your company's policy? While about 7 in 10 employed adults (69 percent) know that their company has an environmental policy, only about a third (32 percent) knows what that policy is.

“We've seen an increase recently in the number of job seekers who want to work for 'green' companies, or companies working in industries that are helpful to the environment,” says Bernadette Kenny, chief career officer of Adecco. “However, when it comes to taking less compensation for those jobs, not everyone is willing to make that leap unless they are younger and just starting out in their careers. What can be helpful for companies in recruiting and retaining green-minded employees is to communicate environmental policies and create an environmentally-conscious culture by instituting some simple and basic programs.”

There are plenty of opportunities for employers to show they care about the environment, including:

  • Earth Day is everyday. Develop a five-point plan to articulate how your company and employees can help make every day Earth Day and distribute it to everyone via email or voicemail. It can be as simple as creating a carpool or as extensive as changing all your light bulbs to Energy Star qualified bulbs.
  • Create a committee. Bring coworkers together as a group to provide insight and creative ideas around how your organization can establish or enhance its environmentally friendly practices. People who have passion for this may have a lot to offer and can help bring concepts to practice.
  • Take a stroll through the park. Sponsor a local public park and enable employee volunteers to spend a day helping to pick up litter, plant flowers, etc.
  • A breath of fresh air. Plant trees on your company's campus - as many as you can to help create more fresh air around the office.

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