Are you diluting the value of your outsourced recruitment process?


Many enterprises have an outsourced recruitment process solution in place. But is the solution yielding the anticipated outcomes?

Some service providers deliver only an HR back-office solution; meaning their clients outsource only some of the functions within the recruitment process. Others (a select few) deliver end-to-end services, managing the entire recruitment process.

The back-office solution vs. the end-to-end model.

Both models drive a positive ROI, increase qualified candidate traffic by 50 to 100%, and result in more hires than can be achieved by in-house services prior to outsourcing. While both approaches are outsourcing models, clients need to be aware that there is a significant difference. Adecco conducted a study comparing the two RPO solutions alternatives over a four year period. The study found a consistent, recurring theme and pinpointed a pitfall in the HR back-office model, which causes clients to realize only half as many hires as an end-to-end solution yields while also adding costs to the process.

This paper discusses the value-diluting pitfall from the perspectives of the client, job candidates, and the service provider. It reviews how buyers decide which type of recruitment process solution they implement and emphasizes the benefits of choosing an end-to-end solution.

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