Common workforce management issues and their solutions


Gain a valuable extension to your team by working with the right staffing agency to manage your workforce needs.  We recruit for your tough-to-find positions, so the rest of your team can focus on their strengths and top priorities. When you work with us, we deliver quality talent on time and on budget -- but it doesn’t stop there.  We also help you identify common workforce management issues, and work with you to find the best solution.

Talent shortage

In many industries there's a lack of active job seekers on the market, and recruiting passive candidates is challenging.

Build your network by developing relationships within specific industries and skill sets.  Do so through mutual contacts, employee referrals, industry associations, educational institutions and events.  You can also network online and work with a staffing partner who makes all of this our business.  We pipeline out for specific, hard-to-find skill sets, so we have them when you need them.

Friction with hiring managers

Hiring managers know exactly what they need when it comes to skills, personality and past experience.  What they don’t know is how difficult it may be to find that person -- especially if they’ve given you a tight deadline.

Approach your hiring managers as a consultative partner.  Ask questions. Listen to and understand their needs, so you can advise them on a solution that you both can agree on, and that adheres to company policies.

Too many reqs over too many verticals

Is your team overwhelmed with reqs that span several different job types and skill sets?  Chances are you’re recruiting for positions that members of your team may not even fully understand.

Identify your team members’ strengths and determine your priorities.  It may make sense to bring on a specialized partner that can take over sourcing candidates for those more difficult reqs.  This will free you and your team up to keep the reqs you’re comfortable with and are good at finding.

Contractor retention on timeline-based projects

When you’re staffing for a project on a tight timeline, there isn’t much wiggle room for any of your contractors to leave the project. Too much time is lost finding and training someone new -- and may cost you more than you think!

Make it a priority to maintain a relationship with each of your contractors.  If you’re strapped for time, work with a top staffing agency whose recruiters manage the contractor relationship and ensure they’re happy.  At Adecco, we also work with you to ensure your contractors have the skills you need.  If you have a good contractor who doesn’t have the exact skills necessary, consider training them. The best staffing agencies will offer training options and solutions as part of the package.


One of your hiring managers needs a position filled yesterday, and your plate is already full.

Call upon a staffing partner that has candidates at the ready and can move quickly.

On-boarding and compliance

When on-boarding contractors, it is imperative to classify them correctly.  Companies are often fined for misclassifying independent contractors.

Partner with a reputable company that you can trust -- one with the capability to do background checks and that has processes in place to correctly classify your contractors, ensuring compliance.  This will take a huge weight off your team and ensure you’re covered, because we take on this risk.

Rogue spending from hiring managers

When hiring managers feel they aren’t getting what they need in workforce management through internal resources, they’ll sometimes take their own initiative to work with an outside staffing vendor.

Be proactive about setting up an approved vendor with rates you negotiate. In the end, responsibility for managing your workforce will be lifted off your team, and you’ll be credited with increasing fill ratios and saving company money.

Work with us, and we’ll help you with all of the above. We can also improve your ease of doing business with web-based time cards, customized billing, and just one point of contact.

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