Creating a portfolio to land your dream job!


As a marketing, design or interactive professional, your portfolio must be able to accurately represent your work and leave a lasting impression with a potential employer. Below are some ways to create a strong portfolio that will help you show off your hard and land your dream job or great-paying project!


Move into the digital age.

At this point, it’s necessary to have both a print and a digital version of your portfolio. If you are interviewing for positions in other cities or states, you can easily pass along a digital portfolio to display your fantastic work.

So you’re not web design savvy? There are still options for you if your forte isn’t web design. You can sign up for creative-focused online sites like or, where you can easily exhibit your work and also leverage it as a networking tool. If web design is your strong-point, pay close attention to layout and functionality of your site. Naturally, your background in design will help and it’s hard to not show off all of your design skills, but a user-friendly site with working links and easy-to-navigate applications will pay off much more than one that’s too busy and complicated for the visitor.


Hard copy creations.

Make sure there’s no evidence of wear and tear on your portfolio. Even the most creative and accomplished work will lose its worth in tattered binding, leaving the impression of sloppiness and a disregard for first impressions. Most interviewers prefer a clean, clear bound book that sophisticatedly and simply displays your extraordinary work.


Organization is also very important in a visually appealing portfolio. Be sure that the layout is clear and the logic of arrangement is easily understandable or explained. Typically, people will choose to display their work by industry, role or work you managed versus work you produced. Put thought into how you want people to see your work, because that in and of itself will demonstrate your creativity and innovative mind!


Highlighting your accomplishments.

Here is how you can best highlight you creative experience and accomplishments to a potential employer:

  • Choose wisely: Don't over-inundate with every single piece of work that you’ve done over the course of your career. Include the pieces that best reflect your creative ability, design aesthetic and industry experience. Quality over quantity definitely rings true in a portfolio. Pick your top-line work while displaying different client work to show off your versatility.
  • Be appropriate: Your work should be able to go from a buttoned-up corporate employer to an unconventional one without changing a thing. Your work will speak for itself, so always remember to keep it suitable, and employers will surely see the scope of your ability.
  • Details, details: The best way to demonstrate your range from leadership to team-oriented roles is to include thorough information as to exactly what role you played in each item. This honesty as well as a tangible way to see your growth will surely be impressive to a potential employer.

Creating a strong portfolio is key to landing that next new assignment or dream job. The professionals at Adecco’s creative division can help you best represent yourself and connect you to great opportunities. Be sure to contact us to learn more about how we can help!