Employer Report Card 2008


Adecco USA Research Finds Most Employees Give American Employers a “C” on Key Issues

MELVILLE, N.Y. (September 17, 2008) – Adecco USA, the nation's third largest employer and a division of the world's largest recruitment and workforce solutions provider, has compiled its first Employer Report Card just in time for back to school and the fall recruiting season. The Adecco Employer Report Card is a way for companies to gauge how their employees view their efforts in leadership, communications, equality, work-life balance and diversity, and to create fair and balanced workforce policies.

Not Making the Grade: The responses from employees suggest that employers have work to do. Companies averaged the equivalent to a “C” and there are several areas where companies are not meeting employee expectations, which could diminish employee morale.

The Employer Report Card


  • My boss looks out for me and my career goals -  B (65%)
  • boss deserves his/her level of compensation -  B (77%)
  • I believe that my boss is smarter than me - B (61%)


  • Employees have no job-related worries - F (19%)
  • My company shows adequate appreciation for its staff - B (75%)
  • My employees are not currently or planning to save money for unemployment - C (58%)                         


  • Employees have never felt discriminated against at the office - C (50%)
  • My company is doing enough to encourage and promote diversity in the workplace - B (65%)
  • Corporate America has achieved total workforce diversity -  B (65%)


  • Over the past 10 years, women have made advancements in my workplace - A (96%)
  • The glass ceiling is higher/non-existent at my workplace compared to 10 years ago - B (70%)
  • Women and men are treated the same at work - D (25%)


  • My company provides enough access to work-life balance programs - D (36%)
  • Becoming a parent has not at all/negatively impacted employees’ career path - A (85%)
  • Parents at my workplace find it easier to manage their career vs. their family life - B (68%)


  • My company has done enough to be environmentally friendly - D (21%)
  • Workers are aware of the environmental policies in place - C (51%)
  • Companies accurately depict how environmentally friendly they are - F (7%)

 “Employers should take these survey results as a wake up call,” said Bernadette Kenny, Chief Career Officer and Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Adecco USA. “Despite the slowing economy, it is more challenging than ever to recruit and retain top talent. Employers who want to maintain a competitive edge must create the best work environment possible. This report card should serve as a baseline guide for organizations to see where improvements need to be made.” 
For employees, Adecco recommends the following three ways to help employers boost their grades:

  1. Provide Constructive Criticism: Without being too critical, point out areas that need improvement within the organization and help management begin making necessary changes. Be sure to show enthusiasm when a difference is noticed to ensure continuing progress.
  1. Offer to Help When Needed: It takes initiative to move ideas off paper and into action. Many companies engage employees directly to ensure the help being offered is useful.  Participation in these programs demonstrates commitment to the company.
  1. Be Patient: It will take time for these changes to happen. It’s important to notice programs and other initiatives designed to improve the current workplace environment. Typically, the larger the organization, the longer it may take for improvements to be fully implemented.     

For employers, Adecco recommends the following three ways to increase employee sentiments and improve workplace conditions:

  1. Take Notice: Now that the consensus about workplace issues are known, review your organization and see how you rank. Don’t wait for a problem before taking action. 
  1. Engage Employees: Engage staff and understand their feelings about their work environment. Be casual, because mandating these discussions can lead to dishonest feedback.  
  1. Play off your strengths: While it takes time to boost morale and improve working conditions, be sure to continue to maintain the strength that already exists within your company and continue to get the word out about these advantages.

For an official copy of Adecco’s Employer Report Card 2008, please contact Anthony Guerrieri at anthony.guerrieri@adeccona.com.

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