Growing your career in the hospitality field.


People in most industries work for a handful of clients and can mold easily based on those few unique needs. It takes an extraordinary person to succeed in the hospitality industry where customers can change on a weekly, daily or even hourly basis! Here are the best ways to thrive in the field:


The right attitude.

In the service industry, you want to go above and beyond for your guests. Remember, the customer is always right! You will surely make a great impression when you go out of your way to meet and exceed the wants and needs of a guest, and they will always remember you and your business.

More than any beautiful setting or décor, good service is a key factor in word-of-mouth recommendations and will help any business grow, which will make your employer recognize your added value and better appreciate you as an employee.


Flexibility is a must in any industry, but especially in hospitality where you're expected to deal with many different personalities and demands simultaneously. No two guests or clients are the same – therefore wants are constantly changing from one person to the next and it’s your job to mold to those wants and make it happen! Proving yourself as a chameleon from customer to customer will pay off with recognition, advancement and job satisfaction.

Meeting industry standards:

  • Realize the importance of customer satisfaction and let your work reflect that. Make every guest feel as though you're taking care of their individual needs with no question of whether or not you can make it happen – think of it as customized customer service!
  • High quality work will generally result in a happy customer. Always try your hardest to maintain the highest level of professionalism and a service-oriented attitude, despite the inevitable personality clash or disgruntled guest. When you do more than what is expected of you, customers will keep coming back!
  • The industry demands many things from its employees. Top skills include punctuality, presence and attention to detail.
    • Being punctual is vital because your timeliness helps workflow function properly – you don’t want to be the person who holds up the whole operation!
    • Presence is also something to always consider – you want to look your best and represent the company in a neat manner.
    • Meticulousness is more than necessary in your industry because each service or product that is put forward is reaching a new client and therefore deserves the same amount of detail and attention. There is not much room for error when every guest has expectations that must be met.
  • Teamwork and open lines of communication make for the most efficient and productive workflow. Strong working relationships help to build and maintain a solid group who are all working toward one goal, which is an enjoyable experience for your customers!

With all of these traits you can successfully advance and move forward in your career. With tourism, entertainment and related businesses constantly growing, the hospitality industry can be a great place to work and build your career – as long as you're up for the challenge!