Hot engineering jobs with a cool flare!


Engineering isn’t just about hard hats and factory floors anymore. In the ever growing and expanding world of engineering there are some hot jobs…which come with a nice ‘cool’ factor as well.


Check out five of the coolest engineering jobs below, all of which help advance technology and improve quality of life – all the while using engineering skills and degrees.

  1. Racing engineering.
    By using engineering principles such as aerodynamic efficiency, a racing engineer in the motor racing world helps design structures and shapes that will get the maximum return in lap time for money spent.
  2. Astronautical (space) engineer.
    Space engineers work directly with spacecrafts helping to develop new technologies for use in aviation, defense systems, and space exploration. This type of engineer often specializes in areas such as structural design, guidance, navigation and control, instrumentation and communication, or production methods.
  3. Toy manufacturer.
    Like other mechanical engineers with knowledge of plastics and other materials, it is part of the job to test new project designs – but for mechanical engineers in the toy industry that testing means playing with the toys! And like other industries it also means testing safety.
  4. Beer brewing manager.
    Spending all day brewing and tasting beer is a science as well as an art form – it is also the role of some chemical engineers. Beer brewing takes the raw materials used in making beer and the biochemistry of the process along with chemical analyses.
  5. Fire protection engineer.
    Fire protection engineers perform a broad range of jobs. Some work as fire protection designers, creating systems that automatically detect and suppress fires and designing fire alarm, smoke control, emergency lighting, communication and exit systems. These engineers also perform fire safety evaluations of building and industrial complexes to determine not only the risk of fire and explosion, but how to best prevent them. Other fire protection engineers research the behavior and control of fire. Many are involved in process risk assessment and management across a wide range of industrial applications.


With more than 25 recognized disciplines in engineering and sub groups within each of those, the types of careers for engineers can be endless. Today, engineers have joined with doctors and scientists, public officials and mechanics and hold over 1.4 million jobs.


“The face of engineering has changed in the last 15 years,” says Diana Fitting, vice president of national operations for Adecco Engineering and Technical. “Engineers can be found in just about every industry…and the jobs are no longer limited to analytical work and a career of performing the same duties for a single company. It is becoming a younger, multidimensional and more dynamic field every year as more companies recognize the need for the talents engineers bring to the table.”


Whatever your interest, there is a strong demand in today’s marketplace for professionals with engineering backgrounds.  Be sure to contact your local Adecco Engineering & Technical representative, as they have access to many of the hottest jobs on the market and can provide you with great career advice!