Opportunities abound: Great careers in customer service.


Customer service is a fast-growing field that is always in need of talented people with the right skills. In addition to ample job opportunities, a career in the customer service field also allows for flexible work hours and is an industry that thrives on part-time and temporary workers.

Being a part of a customer service team allows employees to play a key role in building the reputation of a business. A good customer service program will set a company apart from its competitors – making it a very important, powerful role!  (And rewarding too)!

Where the jobs are.

Customer service jobs are available all over the country, but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are four states that make up over 30 percent of the total occupation: California, Florida, New York and Texas. Other states like Arizona, Delaware, South Dakota and Utah have the highest concentration of employees in the field, as a number of major corporate service centers exist in these lower-cost regions.

But, don’t be discouraged if you're not from these states – every region across the nation has plenty of options in the field. And with the projected job growth for the coming years, it will only make more room for you!

Industries with hiring needs.

There are customer service opportunities in nearly every industry and business. There are some industries, though, that make up for most of the positions in customer service. Administrative and support services make up for about 12 percent of the employees in the customer service industry. Business support services careers include: telephone call centers and employment services. Another significant number of customer service representatives work in the retail trade business, including: general merchandise stores, food and beverage stores, or non-store retailers. Other industries include: information, manufacturing and wholesale trade.



Industries with the highest levels of employment in customer service:






Business Support Services




Insurance Carriers




Agencies, Brokerages, and Other Insurance Related




Employment Services





Source:  Bureau of Labor Statistics


Customer service is a fast-growing field with ample opportunities and options, and will allow you to customize your career path and get into a field that you can really enjoy.  To learn more about succeeding as a customer service professional, or to find a great job opportunity, be sure to connect with your local Adecco representative today!