Turning inexperience into success


A former Adecco candidate, now a client, shares his career path.


Thomas began his career in the stock market where he worked as an operations manager. After 15 years, he was a casualty of layoffs at his company and looked quickly to find another job. While his experience was in finance, he looked at his temporary unemployment as a good opportunity to pursue a position in a new field. He landed at a retail store as a sales supervisor, but aspired to be in a corporate sales role. Getting there proved difficult - he was continually told “you don't have the experience.” He knew, however, given the opportunity he would excel.


Thomas didn't think to work with a staffing consultant, but stumbled upon Adecco through a HotJobs posting and decided to give it a try. While preparing him for a sales assistant interview, Thomas and his Adecco consultant discussed his career goals and interests. His consultant was confident that, although Thomas lacked a history in sales, his professionalism and drive would take him far.


The consultant's hunch was correct-Thomas was hired for a position a level above the one he interviewed for and his new career took off from there. His optimism and work ethic shortened his learning curve and he exceeded the expectations of his supervisors. After 4 years of consistent sales growth, Thomas was promoted to District Sales Manager and given the corner office in which he originally interviewed.


Today, Thomas is an Adecco client who regularly calls on his former staffing consultant to fill positions on his team. He knows that, had it not been for his work with Adecco, his career might look differently today. He offers this advice to current candidates:


“Know yourself and see the good within. Don't stay in a career you are not happy in and don't be afraid to make a change. Educate and develop yourself. Take 1 hour per week, go to Barnes & Noble, find a book and read a chapter while having a cup of tea or coffee. Formal education will make you a living, but self education will make you a fortune. I feel truly blessed that I was given an opportunity and it has come full circle. Adecco helped me get the opportunity to interview, which is all I wanted. The testing I was given by Adecco placed me in the right position at the right company.”


Nearly every career is sure to have forks in the road. Understanding this can better prepare you for the uncertainties that lie ahead. There is always an occasion to turn a challenge into an opportunity. Remember, your career is a long journey and a diverse background can be very valuable. Contact your local Adecco consultant today to discuss the past, present and future of your career.