What do you know about the world of temping? 

What happens after you turn your tassel and flip your cap in the air?  In this economy, for many students the answer is temporary employment.  Temporary positions offer many advantages and can really help you get your foot in the door at some really great companies.

Here are the top five benefits of temporary employment:

  1. Gaining valuable experience in a variety of jobs and industries
  2. Exploring your options to help you really figure out what is right for you –  without worrying about a long term commitment
  3. Earning a paycheck on a flexible schedule – temporary assignments can be on an as-needed, day-to-day or long-term basis
  4. Forming relationships with employers of top companies and getting a chance to demonstrate your skills
  5. Receiving benefits including comprehensive medical, 401(k), skills training and more!

Did you know:

  • Nearly a fifth (19%) of all undergraduates turned to temporary jobs within six months of graduation?*
  • A quarter (25%) of 2008 grads worked at a temporary job within 6 months of graduation, compared to 9% of 2007 grads?*
  • As an Adecco temporary associate, you will have access to our free Skillbuilder training programs which include online courses that can improve your chances of planning top job assignments?

*Check out our American Workplace Insights Survey for more interesting facts and figures that can help you plan for your career.

For more information about temporary employment, watch our video or contact your local Adecco representative!