Tips from hiring managers

Here are the most important tips hiring managers have for recent college graduates:

Write a strong resume

  • 54 percent of hiring managers have dismissed candidates with weak resumes even though those candidates did well in interviews.
  • Check your spelling – Spelling errors are listed as the most common resume mistake (43 percent), and the most common reason for getting passed over for a job.
  • Include an objective statement – Twelve percent of hiring managers automatically disqualify resumes without clear objectives.
  • Other red flags cited by hiring managers include dishonesty (28 percent), and excessive length (7 percent). 

Sharpen your interview skills

  • Articulate your skills and experience – Twenty-one percent of hiring managers dismiss candidates because they are unable to speak clearly and convey why they should get the job.
  • Dress for success – One out of every two hiring managers cite an inappropriate wardrobe as the biggest red flag during an interview.
  • Maintain eye contact – Thirty-three percent of hiring managers say young workers have trouble looking them in the eye and 26 percent say new grads can’t sit still.
  • Be engaged – Maintaining your energy and actively asking and answering questions is the number one piece of advice for new grads when it comes to the interview.

Stay flexible

  • The most important piece of advice hiring managers would give job candidates who do not have relevant job experience is to be flexible (47 percent). Don’t get stuck on landing the perfect position, be willing to start out in a different area to get your foot in the door.
  • In fact, only 16 percent would suggest getting additional certifications for a particular skill to land a job. Instead, get real-world work experience.