Engineering and Technology Staffing and Temp Agency

Engineering and Technology Staffing and Temp Agency

The competition to hire top engineering and technology talent is more intense than ever. Want an advantage? Contact our engineering and IT staffing experts today and ask them to connect you with our highly qualified candidates.

Adecco Engineering & Technical

Why do you need engineering & IT staffing services?

Every day, engineering, technology and IT professionals are developing solutions that not only improve our day-to-day lives, but also help businesses run more efficiently and achieve greater profitability. That’s why their talent is in such high demand. And why it’s so critical to partner with a top engineering and IT staffing agency.

At Adecco Engineering & Technology, we have the experience, the resources and the connections to help you find the very best engineering, technology and IT talent in your job market and beyond. Talk to us. Tell us your challenges. Together, we’ll develop your engineering and IT staffing strategy, exceed your expectations and find the talent you need to drive and support innovation.

Engineering and technology staffing across a range of industries.

More and more industries are realizing the importance of hiring top engineering, technology and IT talent. That’s why our staffing services span a number of different industries, including:

  • Medical Device
  • Healthcare/Healthcare IT
  • Power & Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Financial
  • Automotive
  • Technology
  • Education
“As our need for better trained and educated temporary associates has increased during our 20-year relationship with Adecco, they have been able to continuously source and deliver quality candidates to meet our demands.”
— Human Resources Manager
“I know that I can count on Adecco, and I look forward to continuing my partnership with them.”
— Human Resources Manager

What kind of talent do you need?

Whether you need engineering, technology or IT professionals, here are just a few of the most in-demand positions we fill in the job markets we serve:

  • Help Desk/Technical Support

    Help desk support specialists provide technical and troubleshooting assistance related to computer hardware and software, mobile devices and other tech tools and products. Working within a company, these professionals must be great communicators and be able to translate their technical knowledge into actionable direction. When they don’t have an answer, they know how to research the problem and come up with a solution.

  • Project Managers

    Project managers oversee all aspects of projects to ensure coordination and completion. They may utilize a variety of methods – scrum/agile, waterfall and others. They establish deadlines, assign responsibilities, monitor progress, inform team members, manage budgets and summarize progress to leadership. This role generally requires a bachelor's degree and 2-4 years of relevant experience.

  • Business Analysts

    Business analysts perform and coordinate analysis and design of business systems, develop and maintain a thorough understanding of the needs of the assigned customer group from business and technical perspectives, and work closely with clients and with other groups to capture business requirements. Additionally, business analysts will develop and execute systems testing, and act as a liaison between the business user groups and the technical systems groups. Strong analytical and technical skills are required.

  • Software Testers

    Software test engineers test and debug software. They create and execute test scripts for systems and products while following company best practices. Typically an entry-level or junior position, software test engineers report to department or functional managers and work under direct supervision.

  • Support Technicians

    Help desk technicians provide prompt responses to questions from employees. They troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve problems related to operating systems, hardware and software. They also document problems and conversations to create a log that can be referenced by other technicians and for training purposes.

  • Mechanical Designers

    Mechanical designers analyze, design, build, install and maintain a variety of mechanical machinery, tools and components in fields such as construction, utilities and manufacturing.

  • Quality Engineers

    Quality engineers monitor the quality control activities of a company’s products or services. They use their tremendous problem solving and analysis skills to identify important metrics, investigate issues, recommend improvements and eliminate defects. Knowledge of six sigma and total quality management principles are usually required, as is an advanced degree.

  • Manufacturing Engineers

    Manufacturing engineers are responsible for the design and operation of production systems, including computer networks, tools and machinery. They evaluate, recommend and implement alternative production methodologies to enhance efficiencies and drive innovation. Manufacturing engineers work hands-on with other engineers and personnel, making communication skills essential.

How do we connect you with top engineering, technology and IT talent?


We've got the experience.

Many of our recruiters actually have real-world experience in your industry, so they know exactly what types of skills are in high demand and how to find the people you’re looking for. Tell them who you need, and they’ll use their knowledge and connections to help you find the best talent.


We do our research.

At Adecco Engineering & Technology, we establish and maintain partnerships with leading engineering, technology and IT organizations to gain their insights on workplace trends. Plus, we conduct frequent talent audits to find out where top candidates are located, which positions and skill sets are in the highest demand, and what resources people in our industry are using to make and maintain connections.


We choose carefully.

In addition to our in-depth candidate screenings and interviews, we also keep tabs on our candidates’ progress while they’re on assignment with you. This comprehensive process is designed to help you attract and retain top engineering, technology and IT talent, and continuously improve your team.

Proven success.

Finding top engineering, technology and IT talent is just the beginning. Ultimately, you’re looking to improve your processes, your products and your profits. Check out these stories to see how we’ve helped our clients achieve tangible results and then contact us to start your own success story.

Case study:

A global biomedical company with a large population of Independent Contractors (ICs) relied on another staffing company to classify its ICs. However, when that staffing company became insolvent, Adecco Engineering & Technology was called in to diagnose the situation.

Find out how we helped »

Case study:

When an international consumer goods manufacturer realized it was spending too much time, money and effort tracking IT assets, Adecco Engineering & Technology took ownership of the entire process. We’ve proven to be an asset ever since.

Find out how we helped »

What kind of engineering & IT staffing services do you need?

Staffing Services

From onsite management of large contract workforces to specific direct-hire orders, you can work with our recruiters to find top engineering, technology and IT talent at every level and across a number of specialty industries. Learn more about our staffing services.


Vendor Management

Employ our Managed Supplier Program and Master Vendor Program, and experience the convenience of one point of contact and one invoice, no matter how many staffing vendors your organization uses. Plus, get all your vendors on standardized pricing that’s in line with current rates.


Direct Placement

What types of skills and personalities will take your company to the next level? Just let us know and we’ll connect you to engineering, technology and IT professionals who match your business goals and your culture. Find out more about our direct placement services.


Payrolling Services

Sometimes, you have a qualified candidate in mind for a specific assignment, but you’re just not able to make a direct hire. Just refer that candidate to us and we’ll take care of their placement, as well as their payroll and taxes. Learn more about our payrolling services.


Outsourced Workforce Solutions

Sometimes you need more than a great candidate—you need help managing an entire staff or project. Whether you need design and technical services, or fully outsourced agile project management, we can scale to your needs. Find out if our outsourced workforce solutions will work for you.


1099 Vetting

Avoid misclassification of independent contractors—and its consequences. Partner with our highly experienced team of legal, human resources, operational and tax professionals, to ensure full compliance and mitigate the risk of serious financial consequences.