The Adecco Master Vendor Program (MVP)

The Adecco Master Vendor Program (MVP)

The most valuable way to improve your workforce

Adecco’s Master Vendor Program (MVP) offers customizable solutions for a variety of contingent labor needs and
workforce issues.

What makes our MVP offering such a versatile solution? In addition to the program’s scalability and flexibility, we take responsibility for every aspect of the client’s contingent workforce program, regardless of their pain points. We work to understand how you will measure the success of your program and stand ready to be evaluated quarterly on our performance.

Just as no two businesses are alike, no two Adecco MVP service delivery models are alike. We work with our clients to develop and implement a customized tailored program designed to suit the needs of their business and help them achieve their goals. We also offer a single point of contact, something that a traditional contingent workforce model does not.

Traditional contingent
workforce model

  • Services performed by multiple providers
  • Multiple contracts and numerous supplier contracts
  • Company owns delivery, oversight and management
  • Paper timesheets and manual approvals
  • Various billing cycles
  • Manual billing with end-user invoice reconciliation
  • Similar services, different costs
  • Minimal visibility into workforce metrics
  • Inconsistent processes and services
  • Inconsistency in talent acquisition and management practices
  • Lack of economy-of-scale pricing
  • Overall ROI sub-par


Adecco MVP

  • One supplier network
  • Single point of contact
  • One Master Vendor contract
  • Online timesheets and approvals
  • Outsourced order management and processing
  • Consolidated invoicing on one billing cycle
  • Consistent on-boarding and compliance metrics
  • Complete performance reporting
  • Standardized and efficient processes
  • Elevated level of talent enterprise-wide
  • Economies-of-scale pricing
  • Significant Measurable ROI

We create sustainable value for our clients.

Through dedicated program management, tailored analytics, and value-focused planning, we consistently monitor
our efforts and our clients’ needs to ensure that we are not just meeting but exceeding their expectations.

Program Management

  • Dedicated Program Manager
  • Innovative recruiting
  • Onsite or near-site
  • Full lifecycle fulfillment


  • Improved transparency
  • Usage trends
  • Performance metrics

Value focused planning

  • Business Reviews
  • Continuous process improvements
  • Annual model assessment

The reasons for our success stem from our desire to not only serve our clients, but to develop true partnerships; to become extensions of these companies with our finger on the pulse of their unique needs, thereby allowing us to drive continual process improvements and cost savings.

Expertise as a Master Vendor

With the capability to manage all skill categories, we employ over 90,000 talented workers each week and connect them to the best job opportunities across the country, making us one of America’s largest employers. Not only do we have the power of a robust, national implementation team to execute on your workforce needs across the country, we also have experienced team members and recruiters who are able to provide comprehensive recruiting and retention strategies. Learn about the building blocks of our Master Vendor Program:

Flexible, cross-functional service structure to manage diverse needs:

  • Design and deliver best-in-class compre-hensive management and strategy to continually improve service consistency and results.
  • Performance management (Service Level Agreement management)

Best-in-class resources to manage the program as a master vendor:

  • Dedicated, knowledgeable management team possessing broad experience
  • Extensive implementation experience
  • Established supplier diversity management program
  • Financial strength that supports and advances best-in-class training

Ability to attract, monitor and maintain the best candidates:

  • Leverage our specialty business units such as Adecco Engineering & Technology, Adecco Accounting & Finance, and Adecco Creative & Marketing for order fulfillment and additional support
  • Vast geographic footprint which includes over 500 locations in the U.S. and 5,100 worldwide
  • Effective partnering with your preferred existing suppliers
  • Standardized HR processes across business lines

Ability to apply standardized best practices:

  • Proven process management and continuous process improvement
  • Co-employment protection, risk aversion and adherence to legal requirements
  • Comprehensive and consistent recruiting, retention, training/development and orientation management

The opportunity to leverage Adecco for additional value-added services:

  • Temporary labor staffing across all skill sets
  • Project and SOW management
  • Permanent placement
  • 1099 (independent consultant) management and vetting
  • Career transition and leadership consulting
  • Specialty staffing, project solutions and consulting services

Will a contingent labor program result in cost savings?

Perhaps the most pressing question for many companies that Adecco’s MVP model seeks to answer is the question
of cost savings. The hard cost savings and cost avoidance a client can expect to realize as the result of the workforce
efficiencies created by an Adecco Master Vendor Program are outlined below:

Hard cost savings

  • Reduce average cost of hire
  • Most efficient recruitment channels
  • Reduced contingent headcount
  • Reduction of overtime usage
  • Rationalization of contract and temp staffing

Cost avoidance

  • Improved retention: avoiding cost of new hires
    (on-boarding and attrition)
  • Improved attendance
  • Improved measurable productivity
  • Improved staff planning

The world of contingent workforce solutions can be a difficult one to navigate. Each organization faces a unique set of challenges and strives toward a unique set of goals; each company needs to answer a different set of questions. Regardless of what questions you’re asking, however, it’s a good bet that, because of its scalability and flexibility, Adecco’s Master Vendor Program will provide the customized contingent workforce solution that you have been searching for.

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