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Many people take temporary holiday jobs, and there a lot of reasons. For example, 76% of people take on seasonal work for more money, while 11% are looking to get their foot in the door with an employer. And, did you know that 32% of Americans start looking for holiday jobs in September? Find more great seasonal stats in our full survey results now!

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A number of industries depend on a spike in sales during the holiday season to boost profits and meet goals. Between Black Friday and New Year’s Eve, billions of dollars worth of goods are sold, spurring hustle and bustle not just at the cash registers, but in storage warehouses, manufacturing facilities, shipping and receiving hubs and call centers across the country.

If you can’t keep up with the holiday rush, your clients and customers may start to rely on your competitors. That can hurt your business and your bottom line throughout the year.

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Every year, the holidays generate demand for extra 'hands on deck.' That's why retailers and delivery companies begin their staffing efforts as early as July. If you wait until October to start recruiting for your seasonal jobs, you’ll likely miss out on the best candidates.

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