Photo credit: Michael’s Photography of Marietta, GA

Adecco Engineering received nearly 400 applicants for our $2,500 Future Engineers Scholarship and we are proud to introduce you to the winner, Ryan Humble of Marietta, Georgia.

We asked Ryan to tell us about his background, his goals and his advice for other aspiring engineers. Here’s what he had to say:

Academic Accomplishments:  Throughout four years of High School, Ryan completed 14 AP classes and more than a dozen honors classes without a single grade below an A, giving him an overall GPA of 4.7.

Hobbies and Interests: Ryan is an active athlete, participating in nearly every sport imaginable, including basketball, baseball, soccer and football. Ryan is a stand-out track and cross country athlete, having received more than 30 national medals and setting three national records. He also loves playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Plans for College:  Ryan will be attending Yale University in the fall. 

Field of Engineering Study:  Mechanical Engineering.

Desired Career:  Aerospace Engineer with a focus on space travel.

Advice to future Future Engineer candidates:  “Be yourself. Don’t try to sell yourself as somebody you are not, but do try to sell yourself. Scholarships, and general college admissions for that matter, are all about how well you can sell yourself. Be your own salesperson.”