Safety information 

Always exercise due care while working for Adecco. Most accidents can be prevented with proper caution — whether in an office or industrial environment. All unsafe working conditions should be reported immediately to your Adecco Representative. Make safety a priority in the work environment.

Call Adecco immediately:

  • If you are asked to perform work which was not part of your initial job description.
  • If you believe that your working conditions are unsafe.
  • If you are injured while on assignment.

Become familiar with each client's safety procedures and equipment.

Injuries on the job

Adecco responsibilities:

  • Report the incident to our claims administrator promptly.
  • Require our claims administrator to contact you to ensure that you are receiving proper treatment and benefits.
  • Monitor your progress and keep in contact with you.
  • Coordinate your participation in Adecco's early return-to-work program, STEP, as soon as the physician allows and an appropriate position based on your skills, qualifications and experience can be located. Should you be injured on the job, follow the Adecco system for workplace injuries.

Your responsibilities:

  • Notify your Adecco Representative immediately, by phone or in person.
  • Obtain the name of the designated clinic from your Adecco Representative. You may jeopardize your benefits if initially treated by any other doctor, depending on your State's rules.
  • If the physician indicates you cannot return to your regular job, notify your Adecco Representative immediately.
  • Contact your Adecco Representative after each medical appointment to report on your progress.
  • Provide a Doctor's Release Form to your Adecco Representative prior to returning to work.
  • Participate in the Adecco STEP Program to facilitate your early return to work. We make it a policy to get injured employees back to work subject to their current physical capabilities, as soon as the doctor permits it.
  • Return to work as soon as your doctor provides full or partial release to do so. If you fail to return to work (on either partial or full duty as allowed by your doctor) this may be considered a voluntary quit, or “No Show/No Call” and you will be subject to termination.


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