Starting Your Job Search

You know you want a great new job. But where – and how – should you start? Whether you are new to the workforce or a seasoned professional, our job search tips can help you get your search moving in the right direction.

Five tips for securing strong professional references

Learn how to get the right references so you can land the right job.

Professional networking 101

We’ll let you know all about making the most of who you know.

Preparing a job application

Find out how to get your application noticed in a competitive job market.

How to make your resume stand out

Learn how to make your resume resonate with potential employers.

Cover letter tips

See how you can craft a cover letter that says all the right things.

How to impress a hiring manager

Find out what skills hiring managers value most and how you can demonstrate them.

How to find the perfect job

Don’t just get a job – get the right one for you with our tips.

Returning to the workforce

If you are heading back to work, read this article to make your return a successful one.

What to do when you are laid off

Learn how to cope with, and move on from, losing your job.

Job search tips for veterans

Make a successful transition from the armed forces to the workforce with our tips.

How to stay positive when unemployed

Staying positive can lead to positive results. Find out how.