Salary Calculator

You can get a lot out of work—including experience, friendship and advancement opportunities—but chances are, your paycheck is top priority. And, since salary* rates vary according to your experience, location, benefits and the size of the company you want to work for, you need to do your research.
So, how can you determine your earning potential? Our salary calculator will help.

How does our salary calculator work?

It couldn’t be easier to uncover average salaries for the job you currently have, or the job you really want. Simply select a job title, a location and click search, and we’ll deliver comprehensive salary insight that includes:

  • Salary ranges
  • Total cash compensation
  • Variances by company size

Thinking of making a move? Make sure you are making the right salary.

Whether you are considering relocating to a new state or just to a new company, be prepared by knowing what you would be earning in advance. Low pay is one of the main causes of worker dissatisfaction and turnover, and you don’t want to have to go through the stress of a job search twice.

Have more confident salary discussions.

The next time you are in an interview or review and are asked about your salary, have the right answer ready to go. Use our salary calculator to uncover what you are really worth!

*Salaries are based on average annual pay for full-time positions and do not serve as a guarantee that you will earn the amount you calculate.

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