Athlete Career & Education Program

For thousands of American athletes, competing in the Olympic and Paralympic Games is the goal, but few reach it. And even less get professional contracts and endorsements. Just the way it goes. Often, the pursuit of an Olympic dream must contend with the realities of low-paying jobs, endless training hours and constant stress. Geez!

Let's make life a little easier for athletes.

Athlete Career Program

As a proud sponsor of the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC), we're making it a little easier for U.S. Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls to realize their gold medal dreams without getting overwhelmed with life. In conjunction with the USOPC, the USOPC Athlete Career & Education program was developed—and it's terrific.

So, what exactly does the program do? A lot.

  • Helps athletes find flexible job opportunities that afford them the time and financial resources necessary to train and prepare
  • Provides valuable, hands-on career experience that athletes can use to smoothly transition to great careers outside of sports
  • Offers advice on resume development, interview preparation and job market research, along with seminars and career coaching

This program has helped hundreds of athletes, literally, win big in the workforce while preparing to win gold. Need to see for yourself? Read on.

How can your company be a part of this?

Simple. You can be a part of the Athlete Career and Education Program by making one of these elite athletes a member of your team. Truth is, you'll get someone with a great foundation of skills—unwavering focus, intense drive, international experience, team play and a commitment to winning, among others—in your workforce. So why not?

Follow the story of our USOPC partnership on the Team USA blog >

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