Disability Work Program

We make sure that, no matter your strengths or weaknesses, everyone has opportunities. Every day, we help disabled people find great jobs. It's our way of upholding our commitment to the entire workforce, which strengthens companies and communities alike.

We prepare our staff to recruit and provide training for people with disabilities. We even have a Disability Mentoring Day to help talented candidates combat ableism in the workplace. Oh, and we help educate clients with tips on preparing the work environment for easy accessibility.

Why does accessibility matter to businesses? Well, it accomplishes quite a bit:

  • Opens up more opportunities to job seekers
  • Opens up more talent to employers
  • Helps instill more confidence in workers
  • Demonstrates the strengths of disabled talent in the workplace

Disability partnerships

The Adecco Group Diversity Business Council partners with various organizations. For example, the Hellen Keller Foundation and Abilities, Inc., where we have served as members of their Business Advisory Council for over 20 years.

Other partnerships include:

We’re helping build a workforce of diversity and inclusion, where people are recognized for their abilities and can set career goals without limitations. And yes, we need your help, so contact us today.


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