Way to Work

This program is designed for one purpose: to help ambitious young professionals launch promising careers. And it's been wildly successful at accomplishing just that. Go ahead; learn more about it.

Let us show you the way to work—awesome work.

OK, so you could find work and kickstart a career on your own, but that can be tough for fresh grads. Why make it harder on yourself when Way to Work gives you access to the coolest, best-fitting internships and job opportunities?

It consists of four unique components:

Street Day

So, Street Day is all about outreach. Last year, Adecco career experts created impromptu pop-ups in public places and on college campuses, engaging over 1.2 million young professionals with career advice, tools they need to succeed in today’s job market and info about our services.

On March 17th, 2016, we hit the streets again! In the U.S., local Street Days took place in March and April on university campuses nationwide. These events included photo booths for professional headshots, tips on how to build a personal brand, resume help and mock interviews. It was awesome and we can't wait to do it again next year!

CEO for One Month Internship

OK, while you don’t technically get a permanent “CEO” title, we do offer you the next best thing—the opportunity to work with the Adecco Group North America CEO, Bob Crouch, for an entire month. That's right! During this highly coveted internship, the winner collaborates with leaders across the U.S. You get food, housing and $10,000 for your services! Where else will you get to see how a Fortune Global 500 company is run from the top down?

But, believe it or not, this opportunity doesn’t stop there. After your internship in North America, you’re eligible for the global CEO for One Month internship in Zurich, Switzerland!

Adecco Experience - Internship

We're looking to end youth unemployment! Yep, that's the goal. The Adecco Experience takes this issue head on by connecting young professionals to great, career-launching opportunities. In 2015, we collaborated with our leading client companies to offer inspiring job opportunities to over 2,900 people aged 18-30.

This year, we'll further the effort to increase youth employability with internships and apprenticeships at Adecco and our client companies across the country. Let's do this!

Find out more about available Adecco Experience internships by visiting the Adecco Experience page.

Career Center

So, our Career Center has one focus: to provide you with best practices and tips to land your dream job. Here you go:


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