Work-Based Learning

At Adecco, we’re more than just a staffing company: we’re also an expert in workforce solutions. In 2016, we partnered with the state of Kentucky to address their youth unemployment rates, which averaged more than double their state unemployment rate. Beyond social responsibility, this was a strategic HR solution for businesses.

Work-based learning

Nearly 80% of Kentuckians do not obtain a college degree

yet need to gain skills and work experience in order to be hired by Kentucky businesses. That’s where we stepped in.

We helped develop and implement something called a work-based learning program. Here’s what that means:

  • We worked with the Department of Education and over 21 school districts to incorporate on-the-job learning with classroom learning – all custom-ideated and executed by the teachers actually teaching the classes.
  • We partnered with the Labor Cabinet to help Kentucky businesses develop work-based learning plans, including apprenticeships. This is a proven model that directly addresses the skills gap.
  • Finally, we are on track to enroll 100 students in the program by the end of 2017, allowing them clearer insights into the workplace and their potential future careers – all with zero college debt.

The results? They’re kind of amazing.

93% of students in the program secured permanent employment in their field after completing their work-based learning.

Businesses were exposed to talent they otherwise would not have had access to. They are now developing and pipelining their future workforce - right out of their own community.

Work-based learning success with Adecco has just started.

And it doesn’t just apply to high school students. From “upskilling” a current employee, to allowing an out-of-industry worker to picture their career within your organization, worked-based learning benefits are numerous – and others are taking notice. In July 2017, Adecco is proud to kick off our second state-supported work-based learning program with the state of Ohio.

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