77% of Executives Consider Pay the Top Concern in Employee Attraction and Retention, According to Adecco USA Report

Adecco USA recently partnered with Aberdeen on a second annual C-Suite survey and released the findings in a report.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Aug. 9, 2017 – Adecco USA recently partnered with Aberdeen on a second annual C-Suite survey and released the findings in a report, titled Best-in-Class Workforce Management Insights. Acknowledging today’s candidate-driven market, the report uncovers how employers are experimenting with ways to attract and keep skilled workers, with C-Suite considering pay the most important factor.

More than 500 executives across the US participated in the survey, which aimed to gather insights on their workforce management efforts, identifying their challenges, best practices and future plans. Aberdeen distinguished Best-in-Class employers based on key performance indicators, including the rate at which new hires reach full productivity, optimal employee tenure versus actual employee tenure and employee compensation in comparison to the market average.

Based on the data, Adecco’s Best-in-Class Workforce Management Insights report sheds light on what employers are prioritizing in order to attract and retain top talent in today’s competitive hiring landscape. Key findings include:

  • 77 percent of executives believe pay is the most important factor to employees.

  • More than half of respondents offer health insurance and 401(k) packages to salaried employees, and 40 percent say they now also offer “softer” benefits, like flexible schedules.

  • 47 percent of employers do not prioritize hard or soft skills over the other when vetting a job candidate, and they weigh a candidate’s happiness as early as the interviewing phase.

  • Less than half of employers are offering education courses to their employees, but 61 percent believe mentorships are of importance in determining employee happiness.

“In this candidate-driven market, the burden is on employers to offer compelling reasons for candidates to join and remain with their organizations. Right now, part of the conversation is centering around wages,” said Joyce Russell, president, Adecco USA. “While fair pay is a key driver in securing today’s workforce, employers must also make predictions and be nimble in adopting new solutions as the meaning of ‘Best-in-Class’ continues to evolve,” Russell added.

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