The 2018 Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) produced by INSEAD, The Adecco Group and TATA Communications, is a big deal. Why? Because it ranks countries across the globe on their ability to develop, attract and retain talent. And it helps you determine where talent is and where it’s going. That way, you can adjust accordingly. (See what our CEO, Federico Vione, has to say about the 2018 GTCI.)

The index is based on six pillars: Enable, Attract, Grow, Retain, Vocational & Technical Skills, and Global Knowledge Skills. There’s also a theme: diversity and inclusion. Talk about pillars and a theme that are close to companies’ hearts.

To give you an overview of how America performed in the GTCI, we developed an infographic with key highlights so you don’t have to sort through all 350+ pages of the full report. It highlights the biggest strengths and opportunities and identifies the top performing cities. And, last but not least, it touches on diversity.

Check it out