Adecco implements and customizes a long-term technical staffing program

Case Study: Adecco helps with a unique situation.

Case Studies

A global Fortune 500 technology company that provides solutions from IT to imaging to printing reached out to Adecco Engineering & Technology for help with a unique situation.

In order to focus on other aspects of their business, the company chose to outsource their staffing. And from the get-go, this wasn’t designed to be a quick fix. They needed to form a long-term technical staffing program that would ensure they acquire the skilled and adaptable tech talent they need—for years to come.

While the talent would be responsible for software/firmware printer testing and development, they would have other wide-ranging responsibilities, so finding the right individuals was critical. We needed to recruit people with the right skills for the business goal and personalities for the culture.

Additionally, we had to focus on minimizing attrition, retaining talent and addressing co-employment concerns from on the onset, so that we could reduce issues in the future.

Forming the Strategy

To jumpstart the relationship, the client transitioned pieces of their testing functions via statements of work to our team. Once we understood the full spectrum of the testing, we constructed tailored teams with specific expertise that interact with customer teams at all levels. Test results are then communicated in a variety of ways, for instance, entering defects directly to the customer’s database and face-to-face interaction with the customer.

Test-centric managed services are typically made up of the following functions:

  • Software/firmware and hardware test engineering
  • Software/firmware and hardware technician support
  • Operator support
  • Test management/coordination

We are now running 30% of the client’s testing operations—testing the entire range of printing and imaging devices. Our associates, which have grown to 400+ since 1994 and hold positions such as test engineer, software engineer and project manager, are performing tens of thousands of tests each week, from stressing the mechanical device components to tracking down elusive software defects.

Realizing the Results

More Time

Today, our client is able to focus on—and improve—their day-to-day operations and core competencies more than ever, as we have assumed all responsibilities for testing operations.

More Flexibility

We have been able to efficiently handle fluctuations in printer testing requirements, which affect the number of personnel needed on site, as our managed service program is designed to handle variations in workforce levels. We also offer on-call networking and provide 24/7 support during high-volume windows.

Faster Deployment

Our managed service program provides all the tools our client needs to plan for and deploy testing applications. The partnership also enables our client to seamlessly integrate all printing scenarios, whether domestic or commercial.

“We explain to Adecco our testing requirements for products under development and they do the rest. Then we integrate their discoveries into our develop/fix cycle. This has worked extremely well for us.”

To learn more about how we can implement a long-term technical—or non-technical—staffing program for your company, contact your Adecco representative today.