How Adecco's employment services can benefit you and your team

Our benefits can be made flexible for a custom solution.


As an employer, you likely understand the challenges related to hiring. This is why many employers and/or hiring managers consider staffing agencies or contingent workforce providers when it comes time to match their openings with promising qualified candidates. At Adecco, we've spent years perfecting the hiring process, working to make the job market manageable for countless employers. Here’s why a growing number of clients continue to rely on Adecco for their staffing needs:

  • Onsite management
  • Large volume fulfillment (ideal for companies that have seasonal needs)
  • Position and aptitude skill matching
  • Associate training
  • Onboarding support
  • Consultative human resource solutions for both large and small businesses.

With over 500 locations nationwide, Adecco has become the preeminent staffing solution for all types of businesses. Adecco’s broad reach allows us to provide hands-on support and build personal relationships with our clients, while the scale of our organization ensures that support doesn't wear too thin for larger companies or businesses with complex staffing needs.

Talent and skill set expertise

At Adecco, we realize how valuable it is to have experts with deep roots in each industry. This is why we've created robust specialty divisions focused on specific skill sets and industries to help our clients find the best possible candidate match. Combining niche industry expertise with the size and scale of Adecco Group, the world leader in workforce solutions, Adecco Staffing USA is made up of several specialty divisions that align with the unique needs of our clients. With millions of job seekers in our database, and over 70,000 associates put to work everyday, we have access to a vast pool of talent.

Fast fulfillment

With an extensive reach and active job seeker community, Adecco is able to make some of the most efficient staffing placements in the entire industry - without sacrificing talent and expertise. We understand that many of our clients are hoping to fill positions within a restricted or limited timeline, and we have built up the strongest possible network to meet those otherwise stressful deadlines.

Leading the way in transparency

It’s no secret that hiring and retaining great employees can be costly for any organization. At Adecco, we provide a clear, detailed understanding of the “soft costs” associated with out employment services that our expertise will help mitigate; inefficiency or lack of productivity, increased workload and stress, low morale and engagement, poor customer service, and more.

Our clients trust that we can shine a light on factors that are otherwise elusive to many employers. Our perspective has become an invaluable asset for our client relationships, and we are committed to providing a new level of transparency that is rarely found in the industry. Our relationships are results-driven, and we hold ourselves accountable to proving our impact.

Our Return-on-Investment promise

Many employers understand the frustration of employee turnover, which can be one of the biggest cost drivers. At Adecco, a significant part of our role is to provide solutions to reduce turnover and increase employee retention. To save our clients money and provide peace of mind, we provide proof of their return on investment through our robust reporting services, at no additional cost.

We’re also able to take many of the burdens associated with managing a large team off your plate. Here’s an example of some of our offerings:

  • Candidate sourcing and vetting, including background and reference checks
  • Compliance regulation management
  • Onboarding and training
  • Process implementation and management

When considering staffing options, employers have turned to Adecco's services time and time again because of our personal and consultative approach to building relationships, our commitment to providing quality results and our vast network of talent. From day one, we establish a culture of transparency and results-driven outcomes; a promise that we make to all of our clients.

To learn more about how Adecco can help with your staffing needs, contact us now.

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