Anatomy of a Perfect STEM employee

Learn what attributes make up ideal candidates for temporary science and medical positions.


The science and medical industries—leaders in temp hiring.

Although the economy is recovering, there is still a bit of uneasiness. Because of this, companies are relying heavily on temporary employees ( temp staffing revenue is up significantly, year-over-year ). Two industries leading the charge are science and medical. Both industries are ripe with innovation and technology, which often calls for short-term specialty talent.

Science and medical staffing – learn about the traits candidates should possess for temp jobs in these fields.

Temps can bring the same experience, skill sets and contributions as full-time employees. They also provide unparalleled flexibility; companies can ramp up workforce size during high-demand, and dial it back later. This strategy reduces the investment—and potential risk—in hiring full-time employees, which can help the bottom line.

While it’s obviously necessary to invest in talented full-time employees for long-term positions, qualified temps are the best option for short-term needs. They’re also a viable option when looking to bridge the gap between an open position and the time it takes to hire a full-time employee for that position (this could even be a “temp-to-hire” situation).

Hiring specialty temps should be approached with the same attention to detail and thoughtfulness as full-time hires. Science and medical temps should fit your company culture, have the ability to learn quickly and possess certain characteristics.

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