Best-in-class companies are sourcing through social


Companies can no longer wait for candidates to come to them — they need to truly plan ahead if they want to compete with other organizations for talent.

Companies with well-known consumer brands often have a leg up against the competition; but savvy organizations are the ones that invest in their employer brand.

Businesses need to keep recruiting tactics active and engaging. So it’s not surprising that the top recruiting practice isn’t rocket science; in fact, it’s all about sourcing.

With a majority of organizations indicating that their biggest pressure driving their recruiting and talent management efforts is the shortage of required skills available in the labor pool, it’s more necessary than ever to double efforts to appropriately source and pipeline candidates. In fact, top-performing companies understand just how valuable the practice of sourcing and pipelining candidates is for their ongoing success. Such sourcing and pipelining includes the usage of social networks, job boards, talent communities and more. These companies prioritize their social and online usage for recruitment.

Particularly, Best-in-Class companies are 22% more likely than other companies to use…

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