Great traits for call center work

Learn what to look for when hiring call center agents.


Call center and customer service jobs might not be the most glamorous or high-paying positions in your company, but they do play a major role.

First, whether your agents handle complaints and questions via inbound calls, or feedback and selling via outbound calls, they are the liaison between your company and customers. They are the human element of your brand that makes a lasting impression and contributes to the lifetime value of your customers.

Second, if you hire talent that’s the right fit for the job, they’re likely to stay longer. This is especially true if you provide them with a competitive salary (reps can make up to $39,000 a year at mid-sized companies) and a fulfilling culture. If you retain them long enough, they become part of an internal talent pool—and your future call center manager (managers can make up to $116,000 a year) might just be a promotion away.

It’s critical that you hire candidates with the right traits, or soft skills. Check out our “Traits of the Best Customer Service and Call Center Agents” infographic for the top 8 traits:

Information on what to look for when hiring call center agents.

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