Hospitality and customer service skills go hand-in-hand

Help your hospitality professionals enhance their customer service skills with these tips.


Superior customer service is an absolute must when it comes to being successful in the hospitality industry. Here are a few examples of how to boost customer service skills in your hospitality staff.

Communication is key

Hospitality employees must be able to communicate clearly and effectively in order to deliver excellent customer service, avoid misunderstandings and prevent customer frustration. Imagine checking into a hotel with a front-desk employee who mumbles, avoids eye contact, or prolongs the check-in process by talking excessively. Would you be left with a positive impression? Probably not.

Set standards

Defining clear and measurable standards can help ensure that service is not only high, but also consistent. In order for them to be effective, however, they must be enforced. Track employee performance, reward those who go above and beyond and reprimand those who fall short.

Use feedback to improve the customer experience

Everyone enjoys hearing a satisfied customer rave about their experience, but it's the disgruntled, unimpressed, and downright angry customers who can help an organization improve. Every complaint is an opportunity — not only to discover what went wrong and how to improve, but also to make things right with the customer and turn their experience around.

Make a connection

Where customers choose to spend their time and money isn't entirely based on logic. To be successful, a hospitality team needs to connect with customers on an emotional level. Customers want to feel important, comfortable, and valued. Take, for example, restaurant Eleven Madison Park in New York City. Each afternoon, the maître d' researches every guest who will come in that night to see how to make their experience as unique and enjoyable as possible. If he discovers that it's a guest's birthday, he will welcome them in with a "Happy Birthday," or he will pair a guest from Montana with a server who is also from there.

Introducing customer service skills into your hospitality workforce

By following these tips, you can enhance your hospitality workforce, make guests happier and attract even more customers. For help implementing these tips, or to get connected with professionals with great customer service skills, contact us today.