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Case study: Removing barriers to increase fill rates

Adecco reevaluates a lengthy drug screening process

Case Studies

Operating high-volume call centers, our client regularly needs additional staffing support during its multiple peak seasons. That’s in addition to maintaining headcount throughout the year to keep up production and service standards. As a global nonprofit company in the education sector (and one of our largest clients), this organization faced challenges that included candidates dropping out of the hiring process and a dismal number of on-time starts.

We identified the drug screening timeline as a major hurdle for new hires, so we worked with our client to eliminate it entirely. In addition to a more successful hiring process, we saved money on training time, and we were able to improve production thanks to a faster fill rate. 

With decades in the staffing industry, we understand the challenges employers face as well as the top motivators for job seekers. Our experience provides us with the insights to find and address the obstacles preventing our clients from meeting their staffing needs. Reach out today and let us help you develop a solution that’s tailored to your business.