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Case study: 360° workforce delivery model for full-time and temporary workers

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Case Studies

Our client, a global leader in luxury and sports eyewear, needed a scalable talent acquisition model to build a balanced workforce of contingent labor and full-time equivalents. We strived to be an extension of their small-sized internal team, offering a rapid solution based in data, experience, and process efficiencies. To accomplish this, we leveraged AI to rapidly identify high quality candidates and stimulate brand interest. We touched more than 2,100 candidates a week on average.

A key component of our model was elevating the candidate experience through leading-edge recruitment and onboarding processes. As a result, we cut the offer-to-hire period from 19 to 9 days and extended 300 more offers than our initial goal.

An additional challenge was meeting the qualifications requirement set by our client. They wanted to target candidates with a minimum of two years of experience working in warehouse or distribution. Our hires had on average 4 years of experience and three-quarters had more than two years.

Working with a staffing agency is about more than a headcount. Your business needs a partner who understands your unique needs and today’s changing market unique needs and a changing market. Contact us today to see how we can support your team.